Saturday, August 18, 2007

sin and credit cards

Sin is a lot like a credit card. It is an easy way for instant gratification. We can easily use it or do it because there's usually no immediate negative affects. But in time, when the payment comes due, when it comes time to pay the debt, we begin to say woe is me. Why did I buy that? Why did I do that? We begin to realize the price or the consequences are not worth it. Sometimes it's more than we can afford. Millions of americans are in so much debt that it is destroying their life. It controls them. It ruins there life. They become slaves to it. Sin works the same way. Not every drug addict or alcoholic became that way overnight. It was a matter of one sin after another until eventually they got in over their head and couldn't pay the debt. The wages of sin is death. But the great thing is we have someone willing to pay the debt for us. Matter of fact, He's already paid it. All we have to do is co-sign. Acknowledge that He has paid the debt for us and accept Him for it. I know I can't afford to sin. None of us can afford to sin because none of us have the ability to pay for it. Its better if we sin not, but if we do sin, we have an advocate with the father and His name is Jesus. Praise the Lord.

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Erin said...

Great thought! I know you're only comparing the two, but I think they're even more closely related than that. God doesn't want us to be in debt to anyone. Bridget Galatas once taught a lesson on finances/debt in the College/Career class when I was there and it really hit me. I had never before thought of being in debt as being sinful, but it really is b/c it's bondage to the world. You can't give to God's work as readily as you should. And when you're in a lot of debt, it consumes your thoughts, you worry and are anxious, you may have to work overtime to pay it, which takes away time from God's work. It's a very serious thing.