Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Got unity?

Today I read Acts chapter 2 again and the Lord pointed something out to me. It says they were ALL with one accord in one place, then they were ALL filled with the Holy Ghost. I began to wonder why they were all filled and we have visitors all the time leaving empty. The key word is ALL. I have to conclude that when this happens, someone wasn't with one accord. Apparently we weren't all in one accord. It takes every single person to have ALL. Just imagine what would happen if we have an upper room service. Imagine if every single person in service was desperate to see every empty person filled with Holy Ghost. If there wasn't one person not praying and worshipping and believing God for a Holy Ghost outpouring. I know we can't force unity on anyone, all we can do is decide for ourselves. I know I never want to be the one who hinders the out pouring of the Holy Ghost. I don't ever want to be the one sitting back watching. Saying, oh let the elders pray over them. Saying I just don't feel like it tonight. Saying that visitor just wasn't ready to receive the Holy Ghost. What if I'm the only one not in unity? What about you? Im ready to turn our city upside down. Im ready for upper room services. I know Jesus is ready. He always shows up.

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